Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sir Baron McNubbins

on his way to a new home this afternoon! Can't post photo's of the new family because there are kids in the photo and I want to be super careful but it is a wonderful, wonderful family.

It was hard to let him go - that moment when you know you are saying good-bye - maybe for the last time is so incredibly hard - especially with these puppies but it is a sweet family and I feel Sir McNubbins is in good hands.

We look forward to many wonderful updates on Sir Baron and so grateful that he is in good hands.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Southern Cross Wine Debut!

We had a great puppy reunion, played with all the puppies and tasted the Southern Cross Wines!

There wasn't one that I didn't like! :) Both the Red Wine and White have very nice mellowed flavors that I think anyone would enjoy. Remember that a part of the profit of every bottle sold goes to help Southern Cross Dogs. Please check out the site at:
buy a bottle or two and please help us get the news up on as many facebook pages as possible!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Ava Weigh In

16 lbs 8 oz! I swear that once she hits 20 lbs I will be able to stop worrying but I am just so proud of her!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Puppy Reunion and Wine Tasting!

Yesterday, we had a Puppy Reunion and SCGSDR wine tasting event. Here are all the puppies and SC Volunteers - all but Cowboy who has already been adopted and is doing well. I cannot believe that all these puppies once fit in just one laundry basket! They are all very, very sweet puppies with really nice temperaments.

Southern Cross will be selling wine as a fund raiser to continue to raise funds towards Baby Ava's care and to help new GSD's that will come through our doors. We will soon have all the details but I know that we will have "Ava's Miracle Merlot", "Chock Full O' Puppies Chardonnay", "Stormy's Pinot Noir" and "Cheyenne's Sparkling White Wine" - if you enjoy a glass of wine from time to time or like giving wine as holiday gifts please stay posted for the details - it will be a nice way to give a gift and help Southern Cross in the process.

As the upcoming Holiday Season is upon us we wish all of you a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving and thank you ALL so much for all of your continued support.


How gorgeous is this girl? Just the light in her eyes tells you just how far Stormy has come. She is finally in a home where she will have forever love and care and you call tell that she knows it! Judy and Gerry have done a phenomenal job with her and report that she is now even walking well on leash and recently had her first view of the ocean which she loved. Go Stormy! It just proves that so many of our beloved German Shepherds that are so misunderstood in shelters really do have the potential to go on to great homes.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Group Hug!

Buffy, Link and Foster Dad, John, all enjoying a group hug! Are those ears of Buffy's actually going to stand up?

Delilah and Penny!

Delilah and Little Penny are as sweet as sweet can be - Dana reports that Lilah is a bit more of a mischief maker than Penny..........and I thought it was the other way around! Both pups are happy, healthy and beautiful! YAY!

Stormy with her Dad at the Beach

Honest to goodness - life just doesn't get much better than this! Judy reports that Stormy makes progress every day and Gerry makes sure that his Stormy girl gets her share of hugs!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Stormy and family at the beach!

Stormy's new family loves taking Harry and Little "Molly" to the beach where Little Molly has become the expert at chasing Sea Gulls and will soon be teaching Stormy all she knows! Stormy is making great progress both with learning that being on a leash leads to wonderful new adventures and in learning that love can and does come from both men and women. We could not have wished for a more perfect life for her. Stormy has a courageous and loving heart and I guess the world is going to soon become her "oyster" (couldn't resist that!) GO STORMY!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Handsome Link! Oh my goodness!

Oh my goodness! The puppies are growing up so fast! Link is so handsome and sweet as can be. They will soon be ready for homes of their own so please keep them in mind!
Penny and Delilah are now in a foster home with Dana and her husband and several Aunties that are looking over them.

Rose, Baby Ava and Baron remain here on the Mountain with Aunt Maggie May and Aunt Cupcake who do a great job of helping me "round them up" after playtime in the yard.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Not to be outdone by his "little" sister Missy, Riley makes sure he gets quality cuddle time with his Uncle Danny as well! These have to be the sweetest puppies on the face of the earth - I might be a little biased but they really are sweet.

Missy being cuddled!

Missy needs a little extra cuddle time and is finding it with her Uncle Pat! Lucky, lucky Missy!

Baby Ava and Cupcake

Cupcake is one of my fosters that has been very sweet with Baby Ava - you can see that Baby Ava thinks she is one of the big dogs!

Puppy Updates!

The time has finally come for the litter to be sent to different foster homes - a sad time for me but I know that they are all in wonderful foster homes where they will all get much more attention than I could give them myself. Buffy and Link, definitely the two most active have gone to a foster home with Angie and her two wonderful kids who are playing the puppies out - exactly what these two needed!

Missy and Riley left yesterday for their foster time with Adrienne - Riley is definitely the more outgoing of the two at the moment and has made friends with Beau, Callie and Bella who all love and play with the puppies. Adrienne's husband has been giving Missy extra cuddle time!

Baron and Penny will leave this weekend for a life with Dana and her crew and that will leave Rose, Delilah and Baby Ava here with me until we find them forever homes.

Baby Ava weighed in at a whooping 10 lbs. 6 oz today - that is a weight gain on average of 2 lbs a week! She is thriving!