Thursday, March 31, 2011

Penny and Delilah Update! Soooooo Sweet!

Penny and Delilah are in a living dream; they are so happy all the time. They play together constantly then sleep on top of each other in a big ball of puppy. Everyone thought that Penny was the easiest and calmest puppy they have ever seen – until Delilah showed up. She is soooooo sweet. They are really happy together – I can’t imagine separating them; that must have been really difficult for you to have to adopt them out. Funny how it all turned out.

I’m taking tomorrow off to bring Delilah to her first vet intro visit.

  • I think Penny is 38 pounds and Delilah is 46.
  • Penny has a higher voice in play growling than Delilah
  • Delilah is more affectionate
  • Penny loves to play more
  • They like to be in the same room with people of course, but Delilah lies under the piano when Lois is teaching and Penny lies next to the student’s piano bench.
  • Neither is afraid of thunder but both are very submissive around bigger dogs.
  • Neither is psycho about food and even though we feed them in separate dishes, they tend to share one then share the other.
  • They both love ice cubes and popcorn
  • Their coloring is so close, when they are sleeping in a pile on top of each other, you can’t tell where one ends and the other starts.
  • Neither really cares about the bale of straw.

Delilah has acclimated so well it’s hard to believe that it’s only been a little less than four days.

We are all pretty happy with this…

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweet Rose Returned!

Sweet Rose has lost her family! They are moving to Texas and cannot take her with them!

She is adorable, very smart like her Momma Stormy, a terrific little watch dog and looking for her forever home. Please keep her in your thoughts!

Riley at the Farm

Riley is as handsome as ever as he meets some piglets down on the farm while protecting his own girl!

Delilah and Penny!

Some wonderful news tonight! The loving family that adopted Penny has adopted Delilah today! The two girls loved each other and Dana says they recognized each other instantly today ! We are so happy for them! I know that they will snuggle each other to sleep tonight!

This is a recent photo of Penny - we look forward to photo's of Penny and Delilah as they grow!

Many, many thanks and much love to Penny and Delilah's family!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Delilah - Still looking for a home!

Delilah is the last of Stormy's litter still looking for her forever home. She is a sweet girl that loves to cuddle and can play with the best of the big dogs as well. We are hopeful that her forever home is right around the corner. She is so beautiful and her fur is soft and shiny.

Baby Ava with her Mom! Yay!!!

It is so hard to believe that she was once my 4lb baby! She looks wonderful and is full of beans!

Stormy in the Middle

Life is really, really, really good for Sweet Stormy!

Riley Update!

Here is sweet Riley! He has grown so fast and is much loved by his family. He took to the snow like a trooper - no one would ever know he was a Georgia Boy!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Penny in the Snow..........

AND her ears are up! She is adorable and looks the most like Stormy of any of the puppies. All of Stormy's puppies are really experiencing a real winter here in GA with lots of snow! Looking forward to many more puppy updates - let's keep the photo's coming and look forward to our Puppy Reunion this Summer!

Only $555 to go on 1/11/11

Only $555 to go on 1/11/11

Getting so much closer - thank you again and again!

Only 2 more days until Cheyenne's surgery.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Official - Baby Ava adopted!

Our sweet baby girl is getting a home of her own! Ava will go to a home very close to my own so I will have the chance to see and visit her as she grows! I am so very thankful for that! I am not sure that I would have been able to let her go if I knew I would never see her sweet face again.

She is still the little spitfire she has always been and is just an all around happy puppy. The family that is adopting her has experience of their own with the kind of medical problem Ava will have for the next year or so and has experience with giving injections so Ava's monthly B-12 won't be a problem for them. It is almost like it was meant to be.

We'll keep everyone posted on her progress and post photo's as they come in.

Yay for Baby Ava!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby Ava - On a Sleepover!

Hard night here tonight - Baby Ava on a sleep over to see how it will go with a possible adoption - she has her own food, own leash, own crate, her leopard from Judy, a cow ear, the red mat for her crate and all of the love I can possibly give her.

If she had a pair of pajama's that fit I would have sent them but she doesn't.

It is always hard to know and to feel the responsibility of making the decisions that will shape their lives - please say a prayer to the God's tonight.