Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Ava, Sweet Stormy and some Bittersweet moments..

Yesterday, in the midst of all the worry about Baby Ava, I actually saw Stormy play with a toy with her puppies...............I know you are all sitting there going "what is so special about that"?, but what is special is that Stormy had no idea what a toy was until just this week. Judy and Gerry sent a huge box of toys for Stormy and the puppies and I didn't have the heart to tell them that Stormy didn't know how to play with them but slowly and surely by watching her own little pups she figured out "play"..............she now plays tug with any of the pups that will play with her. I neaten up their pen after everyone is inside the puppy palace for the night and put all the toys on their outside bed so they can find them in the morning. This is also Stormy's time outside for an hour or so without the puppies to watch. I realized over the last few nights that even though I have put the toys up for the night Stormy has been taking them and burying them in the cedar chips for herself!

I learn from each dog I foster and sometimes I think there is nothing new but then a dog like Stormy comes along and there is so much more that is new, more to learn, more to love. She adores her puppies and still loves it when I tell her how beautiful they all are - she sticks out her chest as if to tell me that she already knows and I wonder from her awful condition when she arrived if this is the first healthy litter she has ever been able to enjoy. I am thankful that we have been able to give this to her. I don't have much experience with litters because I usually take the special needs dogs to foster but I don't believe I will ever meet a braver and more loving Momma dog than Stormy and it has been one of the sweetest foster experiences I have ever had - to have earned her trust and taken care of her pups under her watchful eye is time I will always treasure. When she goes to Judy and Gerry she will take a piece of Southern Cross's heart with her.

When I arrive with the evening meal she goes and lays down on the outside cot and just peacefully watches her pups. I will try to get a few more photo's this week - Stormy will soon begin her journey home.

Baby Ava is home from the hospital but is still not doing as well as anyone would like. She is only eating a little but she did explore a few rooms of the house this evening. I think that is a good sign if I can keep her eating.

There have been so many wonderful people through this adventure with Stormy and I want to thank all of you - the e-mails of support on some really hard days remind us all of why we continue to rescue. Once all the pups are healthy and vaccinated they will be ready for new homes so please keep them in your hearts.

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  1. This is just so sweet. Molly, you will always be a very special Mom to Stormy, just as you are to our dear sweet Harry and little Molly. You were the first person in their lives who gave them a chance to be loved and to know happiness and that is so special.

    Little Molly has three baskets of toys to share with Stormy.I am so looking forward to the day when I can send you photos of their "tug" games.

    Thank you, again, for all you do to save so many precious dogs.