Friday, October 8, 2010

Get Ready - LOTS of Family Photo's and Baby Ava!

Cowboy is such a little man! Here he is enjoying the outside cot in the sunshine all by himself!

A big day here -Baby Ava was out in the sun for awhile today and totally enjoyed it! It is warm here in GA this week and the sunshine was really good for her - she loved exploring the yard and tried to attack every leaf she found. We discovered that she likes food that is sweet so Karo syrup was added to almost everything we offered her including scrambled eggs! She still has a way to go and I say a prayer at every food that is offered her but she is starting to eat again .......I am almost afraid to say it but I stocked up on lots of baby food - pureed bananas, sweet potatoes, beef, rice cereal with bananas and some canned pumpkin.

Link looks like a little Bandit and thoroughly enjoyed chewing on the rawhide shoelace of Aunt Adrienne! All of the puppies nails were clipped today and they all got new chew toys! Yay!
They played so hard and for so long that they all finally just fell over on each other and took a nap! I think this is LILAH and MISSY - who has now been renamed MISSY the TERROR! She is unstoppable and totally adorable!
Penny who thinks she is the Queen surveying her Queendom!
Penny getting ready to pounce! She is almost catlike - she will wait for the chance and then the poor victim had better look out!
Momma Stormy and Cowboy! Stormy loves her puppies and even though he interrupted her rest she was very kind to him.
Stormy enjoying the warm weather and sunshine and the fact that her puppies were being babysat! Babysitted? hmmmm..........Stormy doesn't care - she is just feeling better.
Missy leaving the Puppy Palace! They have already managed to tear up the linoleum!

Link and Lilah sharing a puppy chew.
And the day ends as it began with Baby Ava - being held by Aunt Adrienne. She continues to show the will to live - really enjoyed her day in the sun and wants so badly to be back with her brothers and sisters. She will have to continue to eat and put on some weight before we can let that happen - We don't want Queen Penny pouncing on Baby Ava just yet!

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