Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chip In

Baby Ava and Cheyenne Need Your Help

Dear Friends of Southern Cross,

We know many of you have been following Baby Ava's serious illness and hospitalization. As of last Thursday, Baby Ava's intensive care bills exceeded $730. She is a fighter and we aren't giving up on her, but donations are desperately needed to continue her extensive medical treatments.

Also, you might recognize the picture below but few people know her story. This is our permanent senior hospice foster Cheyenne. (pictured in her Easter bonnet) Southern Cross rescued her along with her min pin buddy as part of a bonded pair, after they were being dumped in a high kill Ga. animal control. Cheyenne's shelter card was marked with a large red "X" to be killed by the shelter immediately but we couldn't allow that to happen. The reason was after suffering years of neglect and abuse, she has advanced inoperable cancer, and is high heartworm positive. She was placed in a permanent foster home for her remaining time where she is receiving special care, medical treatment and love for the first time in her life. Her conditions had actually improved a little and she had been doing well until the past week when she took a turn for the worse. Her foster mom rushed her to the vet and they are trying to stabilize her so she can continue knowing the love of her family for a little longer.
Every dollar collected will go directly to these special little lives, so please consider sending just $1 or $2 and sharing this chipin with others, to help us continue the medical treatment these precious girls desperately need...

Thank you Friends,

Southern Cross, Baby Ava and Cheyenne

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