Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stormy's Angels

>>>>>> Stormy's Angels will soon be here
>>>>>> the time is drawing very near
>>>>>> when Judy and Gerry
>>>>>> will soon arrive
>>>>>> and then
>>>>>> within their eyes
>>>>>> Momma Stormy will become
>>>>>> one of the very, very lucky ones
>>>>>> that will not only have survived
>>>>>> but live a life
where food and love is not a scarcity
but where love and care, food and fun
will be hers to have for eternity.

>>>>>> Stormy lived a tortured life
>>>>>> not loved nor cared for
>>>>>> or even fed
>>>>>> she has no teeth left, you see
>>>>>> because pebbles and rocks was what she had
>>>>>> to keep her belly full and not aching
>>>>>> Her body and heart were truly breaking
>>>>>> for it wasn't only food she craved but a kind hand and loving Grace.
Stormy's heart is huge but she has been terribly abused
never hearing loving words let alone a loving hand.
>>>>>> Another litter on its way and Stormy's body could not stand
>>>>>> the demand
>>>>>> of another set of little pups!
>>>>>> 15 were born on a Stormy night
>>>>>> and Mom and Pups had an awful fright
People that should have loved and cared for her
turned their backs, and called others
to come and pick up Stormy and 15 Little Pups
and take them to a place where there are many dogs and little space.
Stormy and pups were separated - not by Stormy's choice you see
but because she was scared and terrified
of those around her with long poles that hurt her neck and cut her tongue.

>>>>>> But Stormy stuck with her small babies
>>>>>> and loved just like a human Momma loves her babies -
she never waivered - not even once
and loved her pups with a fierce, fierce heart
not giving up - not turning back - though scared to death at human hand
and what she feared would soon be - for dogs can sense much more than us
and Stormy knew just what they faced.
But Stormy stayed and fed her pups
with what little resources she had -

>>>>>> 5 were lost before rescue was found
>>>>>> but then Stormy's life turned around.
>>>>>> E-mails were sent with prayers attached
>>>>>> and the words were so sweet when they came back
>>>>>> Stormy would have her home
A home with Angels, Judy and Gerry
>>>>>> A sweet GSD Sister and Brother to welcome
Stormy to a life unknown
where days are sweet, no bellies ache
and only sweet, kind words are ever spoken.
>>>>>> Stormy's day is soon at hand
>>>>>> her Angels, Judy and Gerry will soon be here
>>>>>> there will be many, many tears
>>>>>> but tears of joy
>>>>>> and friendships made
>>>>>> and the knowledge this sweet, sweet girl
>>>>>> will soon have all she always should have had.

Stormy looks at me with such thankful eyes
it is not hard for me to recognize
the Thanks and Love this sweet Soul eminates
for what she has been given and the love she will take
with her forever
from us to her....

Our Thanks is really that she has given
a glimpse into her canine world and the pain she has withstood

and yet retained some sense of trust
and been willing to give her love to us
and allowed with VERY watchful eyes,
us to love, play, feed, and care for her babies needs.

Stormy's day is soon at hand..............
her Angels, Judy and Gerry will soon be here...................
tears of joy will soon be shed
this sweet, sweet soul will soon be given
all and more she should always have had.
>>>>>> Southern Cross wants to send its love and life long friendship to Stormy's Angels, Judy and Gerry , for all they have done for Harry, Little Molly and now the life they will give our Stormy.

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  1. This is truly so beautifully written; made my heart ache for this dear sweet Momma who tried so hard and for so long to care for this litter of puppies and probably countless others.

    Gerry and I are honored to have this precious dog as a part of our truly is an honor! I can hardly wait for the day when we will be on our way to bring her home. I know Harry and little Molly will welcome her and she will join them in the many fun activities we all do together.

    Molly, I know seeing her leave will make you sad,(I will be sad for you too), but I want you to know that you will always be a Mom in her life and I will send you photos often.

    Thank you, again, for ALL you have done for this precious family.