Saturday, December 4, 2010

Puppy Updates!

Stormy's puppies are finding homes! Cowboy, Missy, Riley and Sir Baron McNubbins have all found forever homes in time for the Holiday!

We have some nice inquiries on Penny and Link and I am hopeful that they will also soon have homes. That leaves the girls Buffy, Delilah, Rose and Baby Ava still hoping! Ava went for her B12 today and she weighed in at 19 lb. 6 oz! Next time she will be over 20 lbs for sure - a very long way from the 4 lb puppy that survived two surgeries and returned home from UGA! Ava is a hoot, a little spoiled and when she wants attention she rolls on her back and wiggles so that you can't help but love on her!

1 comment:

  1. This is great news. Can't believe baby-Ava has grown so big! The puppies are getting homes for the holidays and Momma-Stormy has grown a beautful fur-coat....also for the holidays! Molly you will always be the angel in all their lives. We are all totally in love with Stormy; she is an amazing dog; so loving and gentle.....thank you for saving our precious girl and her babies.