Friday, December 31, 2010

Stormy's First Snow Tube Ride!

.................AND this is the dog that the shelter wanted to kill because everyone was afraid of her! All she wanted was to protect her babies and be loved in return. She has certainly found her Angels on earth!


  1. That's exactly what happened to our Ellie! She was "aggressive" at the shelter, and she and her pups had "mange" so badly that they couldn't sit down. All got adopted, and Ellie is such a good dog. Yippee for rescue and yippee for Stormy! She's really living it up!

  2. This was Stormy's first "snow experience". After the blizzard we had two feet of snow in our garden and we had so much fun "tubing". Gerry and I would take turns "tubing" down the slope and Stormy would race after us with her beautiful tail flying; always accompanied by little Molly. She is always so sweet when we want her to try something new. She truly has the most loving personality.