Saturday, August 28, 2010

8/28 Update and Mama Stormy Pictures

You can see that she has no muscle mass in her hind legs - all of the nutrition she is taking in is going to feed the puppies but the good news is that she is making more milk -  and that she will let me near enough to feed and pet her a bit - that was my biggest worry - she is consuming tons of cooked chicken, puppy chow and cottage cheese and continuing to be a wonderful Momma. 

She is also starting to trust me although she wasn't sure about the camera just now but I think the last picture shows just how far she has come in a few days and that she will be willing to trust and love some day.   She is still terrified of me touching her neck but I am working on desensitizing by just softly rubbing with one hand while I feed chicken with the other :)

Puppies are all seeming to thrive - have loud cries when they are hungry - some are even trying to get their little legs under them and they are only 1 week old yesterday.   I will send photo's of them tomorrow.

So many thanks to so many for all of the Good Wishes, Love, Help and Support that has been sent her way!  We will continue to take each day as it comes with her and the pups.   I know that "Stormy" is grateful that she finally has a safe and peaceful place to raise what will be her last ever litter!  :)


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