Monday, August 30, 2010

8/30 Update

Awww, please send your thoughts, prayers, energy to Stormy so that she can kick the kennel cough.If anyone is a Reiki or HTA practitioner and you would like to donate energy work please let us know and we will list you on the thank you post. 

Momma "Stormy" cannot catch a break it seems - she has a very bad case of kennel cough and had a really rough day.  Her milk for the puppies did not seem to be enough so I supplemented some of them for the 8pm feeding and will supplement again at 10:30 for her.   I am using the Leerburg formula of goat's milk, whole milk yogurt, and a little Karo syrup to make the formula.

Stormy continues to be a wonderful Momma dog - her trust of me has grown but she wasn't so sure she liked me feeding her little ones!   I think she might have been a little jealous!   I keep telling her that once these puppies are raised she will have a wonderful new life ahead of her with her new family of Judy and Gerry!

Cowboy is a sweet name but I am telling you he should have been named "The Big Gulp" or "Guzzler" or "Little Fatty"!    That puppy can eat!   He grabbed onto the bottle with his two little front paws and just went to town!

Two of the puppies are quite a bit smaller so I am trying to make sure they get the little something extra tonight.   If possible I'll try to get some photo's of them bottle feeding tomorrow.

Please keep Stormy and her little ones in your thoughts and prayers.   Continued Thanks for all of the love and support sent their way - they need all the love we can give them!


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  1. Sending Stormy healing energy. Molly, you are very special. Thank you for all you are doing for this sweet family.