Saturday, August 28, 2010

About Stormy and the Ten Babies

This is a story of a dog family in Georgia who was at a shelter - mom and fifteen puppies. 

This was the information on the shelter Petfinder page -

This is one of those stories that sticks with you. We got a call that there was a dog under a house having babies, so when we got there and crawled under the house to the far back here is Stormy and about 15 babies. This poor momma had to give birth at night, by herself, while it stormed all night long. (It was a BAD BAD STORM!!!) Then some stranger (ANIMAL CONTROL) comes and takes her and her babies away!!!! When we pulled up at the shelter to unload the mom and babies the momma took off. We were so scared the babies would die and then out of nowhere here comes MOMMA!!!!! She was pacing back and forth on the side of the fence her babies were in. There are woods around us and that momma could have been gone for good but SHE HAD COME BACK FOR HER BABIES!!!! That just shows a mothers love and instinct. She knew we had them and she was going to get them back no matter what the cost!!!! All this Momma has been through I think she deserves a chance at life. Stormy is a beautiful German Shep and she has kindness and gentleness in her eyes. PLEASE SAVE STORMY!!!!!!!

Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue had to help, even though they knew it would be a rough road ahead. 

How could you say no to this mom? 

This was the update on the day they were pulled and taken to the vet: 

Date: August 24, 2010 8:32:06 PM EDT

Subject: Momma and pups - Good news and Bad

OK - finally got home - we have 6 little girls and 4 little boys!    Sadly between the time the dogs were posted until we picked them up this morning 5 have been lost but the remaining 10 all appear healthy and all weighing in at a little over 1 lb. 2 oz.  A good weight for their age.   They all have shiny coats and were active.   All good signs.

Momma Dog is much worse than we even feared as you can see from her photo's.   She weighs in at 59.7 lbs. and is heartworm positive.   She is covered in fleas which we can do very little about because of the nursing puppies.   We can give a capstar every other day so that is a beginning.    She is emaciated - has bald spots, pressure sores, extreme hair loss and sores over much of her body and her look is one of shear dejection.   She was so exhausted she fell asleep at the Vet while her pups were being examined.    Her front teeth are totally worn down to nubs, the Vet explained,  because she was eating rocks to keep her poor belly full.  She is going to need long term rehabilitation - both physically and emotionally - she is terrified of people - and yet like every wonderful GSD heart I have met is so wanting to trust.

At one point today she had to walk past me to get to her babies - I saw every inch of her quiver at the thought and yet she did it - she is a wonderful, wonderful Momma and just as deserving of her precious babies of being rescued.   The Vet estimates her age at 3 years of age.    So very, very sad.   Please keep this family in your hearts and prayers - and remember that Momma dog is going to need a wonderful respite home after she has weaned her pups.

Thank you all for all you do!    Let's try to get this up on as many FB pages as we can because we are surely going to need long term donation money.

So if you could link to this blog, the Southern Cross website, and display this flyer all over the internet, it would be greatly appreciated!

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