Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mom and Pups Say Thank You to Their Donors!

These ten little sausages and their mom want to thank everyone who is helping them. Our next post will have more of their story and updates, this will be for the thank yous!

Puppy Names!
Thank you to former dog shelter mom Ava for giving your name to one of the puppies!
Thank you to all the IAMRA Malamutes for naming Cowboy, in loving memory of Cowboy Kral.
We have a Missy puppy now too! Thank you to Pat!
To Brett (and Zelda) for puppy Link's new name!
To Dorothy for newly named Baron!
To Denise for Lilah puppy named after her own sweet darling Miss Lilah Anne from Rhodesian Ridgeback,NYC chapter rescue. 
Welcome to your new name, little Rose, named by Susan!
Little Penny puppy - Named in memory of their first beloved rescue GSD, who had the most gentle heart. Gerry and Judy
John, Natalie, and the girls are thanked for Riley's name.  


More Thanks!
Many thanks to Kim and cats, including Mother Henry and Mother Koch, kitten caretakers!
Thank you to  Wookie”  who donated so that Frank, Pat & Shelah Kral could be little Cowboys Virtual Foster Family!
Thanks to Link's Virtual Fosters Brett and Jake!
Thanks to Baron's Virtual Foster Kellie!

Thanks to Penny's Virtual Foster Erin! 
Thanks to Missy's Virtual Foster Carolyn! 
Thanks to Link's Virtual Foster Kerryn from Aunt Judy! 
Thanks Michelle for the wonderful shampoo!

If you would like to help:
$10 donation will help buy food and formula for a puppy for a week!
$15 donation will sponsor a worming treatment - not so glamorous but oh so needed!
$25 donation will give you the privilege of naming a puppy - up to ten of course!
$50 donation and you will be a virtual foster parent or family!

Additional donor amounts also greatly appreciated!

To donate:
Click on the donate button on the left hand side of home page of the website (right above the phone number):

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