Sunday, August 29, 2010

How can you help?

A huge way that you can help is by linking to this page, sending it to friends, putting it on Facebook and if you are on Twitter, why not Tweet about it!

Donation Information - if you are able, donations are appreciated:
$10 donation will help buy food and formula for a puppy for a week!
$15 donation will sponsor a worming treatment - not so glamorous but oh so needed!
$25 donation will give you the privilege of naming a puppy - up to ten of course! Update: All puppies have names - thank you so much.
$50 donation and you will be a virtual foster parent or family!

Additional donor amounts also greatly appreciated!

To donate:
Click on the donate button on the left hand side of home page of the website (right above the phone number):

When you donate, let us know if it's okay to list your name on the thank you post!

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