Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8/31 Update

If anyone is a Reiki or HTA practitioner and you would like to donate energy work please let us know and we will list you on the thank you post. Momma Stormy could use more thoughts, prayers and energy. 

Another rough day for Stormy - she has a very bad upper respiratory infection - temp of 104 which is pretty high for a dog.   She isn't making much milk so I am supplementing the pups like crazy.    The Vet was here and we both agreed that the very best outcome for both Stormy and babies is if Stormy can stay here with her puppies rather than be at a Vet Clinic where she would be completely stressed out - and the babies really still need their Mommy.

She is receiving SQ penicillin and because she is starting to dehydrate we are also giving her SQ fluids here at home.   She is tolerating it all pretty well considering the life she has had.   She absolutely fights being contained or cornered and I can only guess what horrors she has endured in the past.    She watches me feed her babies and after I had wiped the puppies off this morning with "wet wipes" she came over to me and wanted her head wiped too!   She is very smart.

Dr. Josh will be back in the morning along with Auntie Adrienne and the plan is to give her a bath - both to help reduce her fever and also just to make her more comfortable.

I took a few photo's of the pups - this little girl eats AND sleeps on her back!   She nurses upside down - she is very funny to watch.   The ring leader of the bunch is little Ava - she is one of the tiniest and gets around really well - she has also managed to climb out of the pool 3 times this afternoon so a good thing a whelping box is coming tomorrow!

Thank you again to all who have contributed to her care and have kept her in your prayers - she is so very tired and yet will not let herself close her eyes in case something happens to her babies.   I have never seen a better Momma dog.

Not entirely sure which little girl this is but she is also a back sleeper.
I am pretty sure this is "Link" getting a group hug!


  1. The babies are super-cute. Thanks so much for the awesome pics.
    Sending healing thoughts and prayers for our precious Stormy.Please keep strong, sweet girl.