Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9/1 Update Stormy Gets a Bath!

If you are new to this blog, there are 8 posts in August to check out! 

An exciting day for Stormy! I arrived at her cottage early to find a very, very stressed out Momma looking at me as if to say "Where the heck have you been"?!!!!  5 of the little munchkins had figured out how to climb out of the kiddie pool and Momma Stormy was a wreck! She is such an extraordinary Momma - I just can't say it enough times - she loves her puppies! She has very little milk so we are basically bottle feeding the puppies while Momma supervises and then cleans up after her pups. She tries to nurse them when she can but there are 10 of them and they eat a lot! Cowboy gulped down 4 oz. before I even knew it this morning.

Dr. Josh arrived and helped finish feeding the puppies and then put together the whelping box that Auntie Adrienne brought up!  Hooray! Little puppies won't get out of this for at least a week :)  It is amazing to see them getting their little legs under them when they aren't even two weeks old yet!

Thanks to Dr. Josh Stormy also got the first bath she has had in a good long time. Thank you so much Michelle for sending the Emu oil shampoo!  Stormy has open sores on her and I am hoping that this will help to calm her skin. She was really very good during her bath - I think she actually enjoyed it.

Her temp today was still high 103.7 but some of the nasal discharge has lessened - a good sign.

Hope to have updated puppy photo's tomorrow.



  1. Thank you for these great photos of Stormy. I think these is a teeny smile on her face while she is having her precious!I loved the description of the puppies. Hugs to all of them. Still sending healing energy and prayers for Stormy. You are an angel, Molly.

  2. Oh Molly! She looks so content now! Her defeated look is gone!!!

  3. It looks like she enjoyed the bath--all that petting and attention. She deserves it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking care of her.