Saturday, September 4, 2010

9/4 Up and Down Update

Another up and down day for the puppies - I guess that is how it is going to be 
for the next little while.   The good news is that little Rose and Baron are 
feeling better and their lung sounds are much better.

The bad news is that Cowboy has a pretty bad case of the sniffles so we are now 
nebulizing the entire litter.  All of the puppies are eating well and that 
continues to be a good sign and their little personalities are starting to 
emerge.   Some of them now growl at bunnies in their sleep and little Rose makes 
the most adorable sounds while she is nursing.    Cowboy is just going to be a 
"good old boy" -  I can actually see him watching a football game with his 
family some day!

Momma Stormy continues to amaze me with her willingness to trust me.   Even 
though she is terrified of the leash and being restricted,  somewhere deep in my 
heart I really believe that she had a family once that loved her - and I know 
she will have that again.  She got a new, softer bed yesterday and really loves 
it, is still consuming several cooked chickens a day along with her kibble so no 
worries there!


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