Thursday, September 9, 2010

9.9 Find Out Who the Puppy Is Update

AND WE HAVE A WINNER!    JUDY L.  has named all of the puppies correctly!

Here are my answers to the "Puppy names quiz"
Female #1 - Lilah
Female #2 - Buffy
Female #3 - Rose
Female #4 - Missy
Female #5 - Ava
Female #6 - Penny
Male #1 - Cowboy
Male #2 - Riley
Male #3 - Link
Male #4 - Baron

All of the puppies are tucked into bed for the night!  The good news of the day is that Cowboy really appears to be on the mend - very little coughing today and ate much more than he did yesterday or the day before.    

The puppies teething makes feeding times a little more difficult because their little gums hurt but it just means a little more snuggle time with them.

Little Penny just outdid herself in the "ate a little too much for dinner" chapter - she looks like a little melon at the moment.

Stormy continues to have good days -  she is such a good, good dog - she follows me around the yard and really wants to be someone's love - I tell her that her day is coming!   We will start to address her pressing medical needs at the end of this week.    We can't put her on Revolution for the Sarcoptic Mange because she is HW positive so we will have to dip her in Mitaban until safe to give her some Ivermectin.   Her coat, what is left of it, is much less brittle and now very shiny - I think that was the Emu oil shampoo benefit - Stormy says Thank You again Michelle!

Puppy Fun Quiz for the day -   Guess how many puppy pads are used on average throughout the day in a weaning box with 10 puppies!        Answer on Friday!

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  1. Puppy fun quiz:
    I have absolutely no idea but couldn't resist a guess, so my answer is: 24 pads.

    I had SO much fun trying to figure out the names.
    Tons of love and hugs to precious Stormy.