Friday, September 10, 2010

9/10 Update 96 Puppy Pee Pads on the Floor, 96 Puppy Pee Pads...

Take one out, toss it away, 95 puppy pee pads on the floor...everybody sing!


It is hard to believe that they are already 3 weeks old!  Puppies develop so 
quickly it is hard to keep up with what they will need tomorrow!

The nasty old cough is back - Riley,  Penny, Buffy, Missy and Baron all have it 
now so it is back to double time on the nebulizer.  Hopefully a few more days on 
the antibiotic is going to take care of it for everyone.

Personalities are starting to emerge and PENNY is Miss Personality Plus!   She 
is one of the smaller pups - much different coat than Missy or Riley and built 
like a little tank - she will take little running starts at another puppy and 
then just run into them, knock them down and then try to eat their ears!   She 
is definitely Leader of the Pack!   AVA used to hold that title but she has 
given it up to the little rabble rouser.

ROSE is very quiet and makes the sweetest noises while she eats - she and LILAH 
are very much alike.   BUFFY is a very LOUD girl!  I think she is part spaniel - 
no kidding - everything she does is at triple speed - eat, run, pee, yowl - you 
name it and she is doing it faster than anyone else.

COWBOY is feeling much better - is eating and is up and around with his gang - 
LINK and RILEY ARE DEFINITELY now the two largest males and I think that LINK 
might be the largest pup at the moment. many puppy pads were used by SCGSDR today in an exhausting 
effort to keep the puppy pen spotless and dry?

Yes, it's true - 96!   These puppies pee a lot!

If you are following the blog watch for tomorrow's photo's - we are going to try 
to introduce them to puppy gruel for breakfast!  

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