Sunday, September 26, 2010

Moving into the Puppy Palace!

Moving into the Puppy Palace!

Wow, Sunday and Moving Day finally arrived and none too soon.    The puppies had figured out how to stand on the ledge of the weaning box and sort of let themselves "fall over" to freedom!

The Puppy Palace took almost all day yesterday to place, customize and kennel but we did it with the help of some wonderful volunteers!    Many, many Thank You's to Danny, Digger, Josh and Adrienne that made the day happen!

The Puppy Palace arrives right on time!

Digger and Danny watch as the Puppy Palace is unloaded with the help of a Bobcat.


Momma Stormy supervises but only from a distance.   She definitely knew something was changing!    She is a very, very smart girl.

Bunk beds have been installed along with the insulation and ramp for the puppies.   Top bunk is for Momma to have some rest away from the puppies when she wants - bottom bunk for 10 little puppies to curl up on at bedtime!

20 feet of Kennel space was installed by Aunt Adrienne, Digger and Danny!

Time to move the little ones to their new home!   The two laundry baskets barely held them for the short drive to their new home.

Lunch was late because of the construction so everyone was very glad when meal time arrived!   They have definitely got the hang of eating the puppy mash!   Yay!    Feeding 10 puppies at once is a lot easier!    They still get their cuddle time after everyone has eaten though -


Missy and Baron were two of the first to go up the ramp and into their new home!


Hmmmmmm........................hay just doesn't taste as good as the mush Grandma Molly makes but it's fun to chew on!
Look at these funny things!   They make noise if you step on them!   Grandma Molly calls them "toys"........wonder what that means?

Geez..........the morning baths just don't end!

Link finding a quiet corner where he can survey what is going on!

Missy after she had finished exploring the cedar chips in the outside Igloo.

Baron thinking that the world is BIG!



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