Friday, September 10, 2010

More How Can You Help!

Would you like to send care packages to the pups and mom? Here are some things that they need and you can order and just have them sent to the family - address below!
1. What they are using for potties: Any kind of absorbent puppy pad is fine - Walmart has them at a great price. Feel free to order online and send  Puppy Pee Pads

2. What they are eating: This little family is in a rural part of GA with not a lot of local shopping choices! At the moment Momma is just on Purina One puppy chow but I add the meat from one half a broiled chicken and a cup of cottage cheese to each meal.  The puppies are on the Leerburg formula - it is wonderful but outside of people contributing to buy SC our own goat I don't know how they can contribute goat's milk and yogurt. I am hoping that that will all change next week though and then it will be a little easier for people to send stuff. We will update when that changes. However, if you have a favorite online store for high quality foods - dry and canned - and safe and healthy treats, you can send them directly.

3. What can they play with someday? Of course on the toys - there are never enough for even one puppy - can you imagine the shredding that will be going on with 10 of them?  Have already received a large box of toys and treats from Judy for the pups and Stormy - poor Stormy has no idea what a toy is - but is learning. Thank you Judy!

4. What else are they using? I also use Pampers Baby Wipes for cleaning the pups up during the day and old towels are always in demand.

5. Would you like to help with vet costs directly? Our Vet is Clarkesville Veterinary Clinic - Clarkesville GA - 706-839-7387 if they would like to contribute directly to the Vet - account is Southern Cross GSD Rescue for Stormy and Puppies - Stormy's vet

So if you would like to order something from your favorite online store or make up a care package yourself and send it to the pups, you can do so! Of course safe and healthy are important!*

Stormy and Family
c/o Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue
1097 Starmount Trail
Clarkesville, GA 30523

*Sorry, neurotic edit from person adding the blog posts...

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