Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/12 Puppies take the word mash literally! Pictures!

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Well, I knew it was going to be messy but this is ridiculous!  The puppies were VERY interested in the puppy mash this morning - a few of them tried to swim in it - ROSE thought it would be fun to slide her belly in it - COWBOY was sure it was the best thing he had ever had before and kept coming back for free samples!
 HMMMMM - tastes even better with a little fur!
LOOK - I found my paw!
Nom, nom, finger, nom...

They used to fit TEN to a basket with room to spare!  
Now barely 5 at a time - especially with full little tummies.

MISSY leading the charge to action!    Everyone was fed - wiped down - fresh puppy pads in place and now time for puppy naps except Missy wants to play!

I split the puppies up into two "teams" of five - since trying to feed 10 at a time seemed way too crazy -  LINK was easily the  CHOW DOWN HOUND of Team 1 and RILEY took those honors for Team 2! If you would like to virtually foster any of these pups, or mom, let us know!

Some of the pups are still coughing but no one quite as bad as Cowboy was - whatever this virus is runs a day or two of keeping the puppies down and then a cough that hangs on for a few days but so far every one is still fighting and eating!   All good signs. Momma Stormy lays on her bed now and supervises all that goes on and then gives me this look that says "you're the Nanny"!


  1. Molly these photos are absolutely adorable. We have laughed so much looking at them. Thank you for posting. You are amazing!

    Sending a little "care package" to Stormy and family tomorrow.

  2. I bet everyone needed a bath after that!