Monday, September 20, 2010


The PUPPY PALACE is coming and none too soon!   One more day and then the pups and Mom will be moving to a home of their own with a large outdoor kennel area!  Construction of the area will be on Sunday!   For Grandma Molly this means "NO MORE PUPPY PADS"   WOOHOO! I can't wait to see those puppy tails bouncing around their yard.

Momma Stormy cannot stop wagging HER tail these days!   We are still struggling with Mange but overall life has gotten good for Momma Stormy and she knows it!    She has put on a good deal of weight and her coat is softer than it was by miles. She is free to be in the yard for much of the day and only wants to come inside and be a house dog - these German Shepherd hearts are incredible.  Stormy is such an amazing girl - willing to put the past behind her and love again.  We have a tentative date of October 15 or 16 for Stormy to move into her own home with Judy and Gerry.  Stay tuned for Stormy updates as we move closer to that date!

I think she was trying to pose for me - showing off more fur!   .Either that or she was saying......"see, see?     There's the door ......just OPEN it please!"    Stormy hasn't had any milk for the puppies for quite awhile.

This is Penny - easily the smallest puppy of the group - I couldn't believe that one little ear was up!    It didn't last but made an awfully cute photo!    She is sooooooo cute - I adore her.   She is Miss Spunky of the group - she is so much smaller than her brothers and sisters that she sometimes reminds me of a baby squirrel.

Missy is a MESSY eater!
PUPPY PINWHEEL!     What a difference a few days and a real puppy feeder make!   Almost everyone is pointed in the right direction and have figured out how to lap up the puppy mash!

Baron hoping I will take pity on him and get him out!    Maybe just one or two sips out of the bottle?   What do you say?

Link and Missy playing after dinner.  

Dinner - check
Playtime - check
Now it's Nap time!
Missy, Riley and Penny - all in a row
Time for Grandma to put down some new puppy pads and get ready for the 10 pm feeding

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  1. These photos are absolutely adorable. Momma Stormy is looking beautiful; so different from a few weeks ago. The babies are so precious.
    Thank you again Molly; you are amazing!