Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9/15 Update Doggy Dilemas and Puppy Palaces!

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Where has the time gone?   These sweet, precious little lives that needed so 
much nurturing have turned into real, honest-to-God-little puppy lives that get 
bigger every day!

The quest to keep them safe and healthy changes day by day as they grow and get 
bigger - it was a eye opener this week when we realized they were not going to 
be OK in the weaning box for much longer - so now what do we do?   Holy Cow!   
AND THERE ARE TEN OF THEM!   What was I thinking?

We have been on a mission this week to find a small outbuilding that we can 
purchase and enclose with kennel fencing that will accommodate the pups 
overnight needs as well as Momma Stormy and the puppies need for space and play 
areas.   Think we have found it and will post photo's over the weekend as 
friends of SCGSDR arrive to help us put our plan into action!

Puppy personalities are emerging BIG time!   We have "BUFFY" the Bottle Slayer 
:),   "LINK" who continues to be the largest, heavy boned male and leader of the 
pack, "PENNY" who has stolen my heart with her trilling to her puppy friends at 
meal times, "AVA" who continues to be my biggest challenge at meal time, sweet, 
sweet, RILEY, ROSE. COWBOY and MISSY - they are the fluffiest - and so sweet and 
undemanding - 

I realized tonight that I am in LOVE with all of them - it will be meltdown on 
the mountain for sure as they all get old enough to leave Grandma (me) - Momma 
Stormy continues to improve - hard to say but she is so over her puppies!   All 
she wants at this very moment is to follow me into the house and be part of the 
pack - I can't let her of course, because of the mange and the number of other 
dogs here - but am so looking forward to the day when she can be loved by her 
new family!

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  1. Molly, I love reading about Stormy and her dear sweet puppies. Oh, I can only imagine how sweet they all are and how hard it is going to be for you to say goodbye to them.

    I so look forward to the day we can bring Stormy home and I can send you photos of her with dear sweet Harry and little Molly. You will always be the first Mom who cared about them so much and gave them a chance to live happy lives. You are very special.