Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Day Late 9/6 Update WITH Puppy Pics & Puppy Name Quiz!

Keep those positive thoughts coming our way - we can still use them for mom and pups. 

Long awaited puppy photo's are here! I thought it might be fun to see who can match a puppies current photo to the puppy photo on the day they arrived!

BIG news of the day is that we have puppy teeth! I couldn't believe that they have come in so early but they are there!   

Momma Stormy might have a touch of pneumonia - her temp. hovers at 103 but I think she feels a bit better every day - Cowboy still stuffy but holding his own.  I massage his little ears every night and tell him we have to fight.

FUN puppy fact of the day........the puppies are eating 4 - 5 bottles of formula at every sitting so we are going through a little over a gallon of formula each day! (click here to see How Can I Help? if you would like to help sponsor some of this formula - only $10 to help!) 

If I haven't replied to anyone individually yet to Thank you for all of the support - please know that it is only because I am swimming in puppy bottles and puppy pads - SCGSDR is so very thankful for all of your support and friendship.

SO.......go find that puppy!    I have given a clue to each ones gender. Here is a link to their first photos:  First Puppy Pictures
Make your guesses - names will be revealed on WEDNESDAY!

Who is Female #1?

Who is Female #2?
Who is Female #3?

Who is Female #4?

Who is Female #5?

Who is Female #6?
Who is Male #1?

Who is Male #2?
Who is Male #3?

Who is Male #4?


  1. Molly, they are so incredibly cute and their expressions on their little faces so adorable. I had a good laugh....so sweet! I am going to try and guess their names.
    Thank you for all you are doing for them. I know Momma-Stormy will be fine; she has probably been sick for longer than we think and I am sure she has never had the love, care, good food and meds she is receiving from you now. You are very special.

  2. Here are my answers to the "Puppy names quiz"
    Female #1 - Lilah
    Female #2 - Buffy
    Female #3 - Rose
    Female #4 - Missy
    Female #5 - Ava
    Female #6 - Penny
    Male #1 - Cowboy
    Male #2 - Riley
    Male #3 - Link
    Male #4 - Baron